Accepting Applications  


To enrol your child please contact us and discuss your requirements.

Please tell us the age of your child and if they have been at another setting or with a childminder before. 

Let us know if your family will require extra support so we can look at how we  provide this prior to starting

Look at funding options available to you and discuss these with the manager. Funding is available from both Welsh and English Government up to 30 hours for each eligible child

Join a family "Wild Thyme" Session in the holidays prior to starting as a introduction

Term time admissions only 


Frequently asked questions

Can I stay/attend with my child?

No, unfortunately we do not encourage parents to stay. We would encourage you to: Gather as much information as possible and talk with your child about what to expect. Be confident and remain positive, this is an exciting new journey and we will be there to support every step of the way. Make an appointment and arrange a visit prior to your child starting. Why not consider attending a family "Wild Thyme" session in the holidays prior to starting (there is a fee for these sessions), but they are a great way to introduce your child to the staff, environment and just to get an idea of what to expect. Attend an Open Day with your child. Children generally settle quickly with a good postive routine, but if you do struggle, your keyworker will be there to support you every step of the way.

Can my child bring in a familar item from home?

Yes, but nothing breakable or expensive just in case. A heart on the hand or clothing from parent or carer is a good idea and often works well when a child in settling in.

If my child is not funded, how will i pay?

You will be invoiced at the start of each half term and payments are due within the first two weeks. Funding is available for children from 2 years of age if eligable and meet the criteria. Please take a look at the funding information provided and then talk to the manager.

I no longer require a place, what do i need to do?

Let us know as soon as possible. You will need to give us six weeks notice of your leaving date either by email or in writing please.

My child is still in nappies?

Not a problem, we are more than happy to change nappies and help with potty training.

What about snacks and lunch time?

We provide toast and fruit mid morning, along with milk or water. You can provide your child with their own snack if you prefer. You will need to provide a packed lunch for your child. A good idea is to provide your child with a drinks bottle to use through out the day. Water is available at all times, along with regular snack times to refuel and top up your busy toddler.

What if i am running late at the end of the day?

You need to let us know as soon as possible. We understand that the unfortuanate and unexpected happens from time to time. Staff will need to be given time to make arrangements for their own families and personal committments in order to cover this late collection period. You will be charged for this service. In exceptional circumstances this may be waived.

Someone different is dropping off or collecting my child?

We will need a confidential password. A photo of the person if unknown to us, would also be very helpful.

Can i attend more than one early years setting/nursery?

Yes, you can attend more than one setting in both England and Wales. Restrictions apply during Covid 19 - your child will be only able to attend one setting.

My child has additional needs and/or needs a care plan (includes allergies)

Not a problem, we will update our system prior to arrival and ensure we have secured a multi-agency approach prior to your child starting with us. We will always make contact with those activiely involved with your child in order to ensure a smooth transition into setting.