Your Child is in Great Hands


Early Years  Providers are regulated, inspected and graded 

To ensure you receive the very best from your provider, we would encourage you to ask those important questions

A preschool teacher’s role

It is our role to observe, plan and prepare the learning environment. We want to entice a child, stimulate their imagination and help a child to engage fully both supported and independently with their environment and those within it.  We will nurture and care for your child by responding to their individual needs.

The child’s role as a learner

We understand that children are all different. Attitudes and expectations will vary from family to family. Learning styles differ and to support both you and your child you will be allocated a keyworker who will work closely with you to support with any care,  developmental or educational needs. This is a partnership and the more input you have the better prepared we will be to support your child.  All children progress at an individual pace and we try to tap into their interests offering lots of support and guidance when required. 

Special needs, different learning styles and diversity in the classroom

Different personalities, learning styles, special needs and cultural diversity will come together in forming our pre-school community. Embracing diversity is pivotal to creating a warm and welcoming learning environment.

If your child has any special needs, it's important their needs are identified and where necessary a  multi-agency team approach is implement to support your child prior to starting pre-school.



Please follow this link for information on the early years curriculum

Behaviour Management

We believe that children flourish best when their physical, personal, social and emotional needs are met and where there are clear and developmentally appropriate expectations for their behaviour.

We aim to teach children to behave in socially acceptable ways and to understand the needs and rights of others. 

We require all staff to use positive strategies for handling any inconsiderate behaviour, by helping children find solutions in ways which are appropriate for the children's ages and stages of development.


Such solutions might include, for example, acknowledgement of feelings, explanation as to what was not acceptable and supporting children to gain control of their feelings so that they can learn a more appropriate response. Respecting others within our little community is of paramount importance.

Keyworkers will work alongside parents in order to try and understand  any persistent behaviours that give cause for  concern. A multi-agency approach may also be considered in severe and persistent cases.

Parental Partnerships

The importance of continuity between home and the Pre-School cannot be over-stressed.

Our aim is to develop an honest, open and supportive relationship with your family putting the child at centre of all we do.

Health & Safety

Providers have a corporate responsibility and duty of care towards those who work in and receive a service from their setting.

Individual employees and service users also have responsibility for ensuring their own health and safety as well as that of others.

A comprehensive set of policies and procedures written to meet the EYFS welfare requirements is the key means through which this is achieved.

These policies can be found in your parents area 

Supportive posters and documents can be found displayed through out the Pre School.

If you are asked to complete a form you will be supported by your keyworker who will be following legal requirements to ensure the safe practices are followed.